Focusing Marketing Efforts on App Discovery |

Focusing Marketing Efforts on App Discovery

App Discovery

I love this graph taken from a blog post on ASO by Elaine Heney. That little graph from business intelligence really emphasises the two most important marketing factors, ASO and Social. Not everyone is a reader of online fanzines for apps and games. This leaves conventional in app advertising.

App Store Optimisation (ASO) has become a subset of internet search SEO in itself. I’ve played with a few tools such as, Sensor Tower, Search Man as well as others. These allow you to build a list of keywords with an emphasis on high search-ability and low competition. I plan on using these tools again soon for a round of updates which is the only time Apple will allow titles and keywords to be changed.

Social marketing can be done through such sites but is a long haul effort to establish fan base. Facebook and Twitter now sell hyper targeted advertising which is expensive in terms of CPI. I experimented with these myself last month. Facebook was relatively successful for it’s cost in creating downloads. Twitter was a disappointment, I didn’t see any through clicks to iTunes let alone any downloads but still got charged for the user engagement.

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