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Life and Death In The App Store

The first quarter of 2014 has been all about Flappy Bird so we decided to join the reskin/theme/clone party. Whatever the dirty word you want to use… Anyway I seen it as a opportunity to have some fun and to

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Purgatory Mountain – A Special Kinda Hell

We’re please to announce Purgatory Mountain is now live in the App Store. This is one of our A+ games thats been 4 months in the making. The art team did a great job on this one! At first it

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The Road To Rome

The team has been working hard over the last few months to bring Ancient Rome to the App Store. We’ve been working with Unity3D for over a year now and realised it was beyond time to create and release a

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Flappy London Bird

This one’s a late entry to the Flappy Party. We had a few problems with Apple over use of the London Underground in one of our images – go figure… Now Flappy Londoner is here, the finest Flappy yet. Go

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All Go!

It’s been a busy few weeks hence the blog has fallen behind. Firstly we’ve been having issues getting some of our new games to Apple to meet compliance with IDFA rules. Things are moving along again now. We hope to

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Dragons Empire Vegas Slot Machine

If your a slots fan your going to love this! We did a bit if research earlier in the year and discovered many slots games were a bit random when it came to theme. We decided to design a slots

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Difficult Decisions

It’s Friday, time to kick back for the weekend. Unlikely! We’re still busy trying to finish of Purgatory Mountain this week but it didn’t make it to the app store. We seen the opportunity to add a few more features

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Big Game Hunter

Big Game Hunter is now available on the App Store. We seen how successful Deer Hunter was and although not politically correct these days, decided to go for the Big Game shooter theme. We are really please with this game,

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Slap My Face Rick Davidson – Argh!

It’s been a tough week motivationally. Our game launch last week was very disappointing and we’re still in the process of finding the missing link in the marketing plan. In the meantime we’ve been re-psyching by watching Rick Davidson’s videos

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Swimming Through Treacle

Yes some weeks can be worse than others! Ask Grumpy Cat above. There doesn’t seem to have been much traction on new games this week. Earlier in the week we had a game rejected from the app store for poor

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