Big Game Hunter – Safari Trophy Hunting in Colonial Africa |

Big Game Hunter

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Take to the Savanah this season!

Join Captain Edmond Connell on Big Game Hunting Safari back in bygone times of 19th Century Colonial Africa.

Run, avoid or kill as many wild animals as you can with the added help of a Jetpack!

Without morale or remorse trophy hunt for big game Lions, Tigers, Elephants and Rhinos. Collect coins and gems as you play to upgrade abilities and weaponry. As you play pick up coins to upgrade abilities and collect African Gems.

• Coin Magnet – Gold coins will be attracted to you
• Jetpack Fuel – Fuel the jetpack to fly
• Magic Boot – Jump higher in the air
• Shield – Protect yourself from wild animals
• Powerful Rifle – shoot further to take down more game

Collect twenty in game achievements with the ultimate aim of being the meanest Big Game Hunter

20 achievements based on:
• Run as far as you can
• Collect as many Gems as you can
• Shoot as much Big Game as you can

Use multiplayer mode to play with friends and other around the world.

Load your rifle and take to the Savanna today!

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