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Big Game Hunter is now available on the App Store. We seen how successful Deer Hunter was and although not politically correct these days, decided to go for the Big Game shooter theme. We are really please with this game, the art team nailed the theme we were looking for perfectly. We’re working hard to bring the game to Google Play in May.

Join Captain Edmond Connell on Big Game Hunting Safari back in bygone times of 19th Century Colonial Africa. Run, avoid or kill as many wild animals as you can with the added help of a Jetpack!

Without morale or remorse trophy hunt for big game Lions, Tigers, Elephants and Rhinos. Collect coins and gems as you play to upgrade abilities and weaponry. Coins can be used to purchase upgrades. The more you play the more coins you can collect. Upgrade jump abilities, weaponry and get that jetpack!

Collect twenty in game achievements with the ultimate aim of being the best hunter in the world on the leaderboard. Use multiplayer mode to play with friends and other around the world.

The App Store

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