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Fairy Pirate Princess

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The Fairy Princess needs your help!

The Ghost Pirates have stolen the fairy dust from Pixie Hollow and the fairies can no longer fly! Help the Pirate Fairy Princess fight the Ghost Pirates, steal their treasure and win back the fairy dust.

The game features memorable Chibi style characters and environment. Players must run and jump over the gaps between the ships deck and sails in an endless style. Concentration and timing are everything. Along the way coins and and other collectables can be picked up. Collected coins can then be used to upgrade player abilities for the next run.

• Coin Magnet – Coins will be pulled towards fairy
• Fairy Dust – Fairy will be able to fly for a while
• Bigger Fairy Wings – Fairy will be able to jump higher
• Invincible Magic Potion – Run through obstacles with no harm
• Magical Wand – Get rid of enemies with a powerful wand

Players can collect twenty in game achievements with the ultimate aim of being the meanest, boldest Fairy Pirate Princess.

20 achievements based on:
• Distance ran
• Treasure collected
• Pirates disposed off

In game leaderboard and tournaments provide a fantastic opportunity for players to highlight their skill. Individually players can compete for the best score on the Game Center leaderboard. Alternatively, players can compete in tournaments with friends and other players world wide with Next Peer tournaments.

Fairy Pirate Princess is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Game will also be coming to Google Play.

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