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Grand Theft Mega Slots

Grand Theft Mega Slots

Slot machines have come a long way from the classic 777 three track. We wanted to join the slots party with a great theme, 5 reels with multiline matches and mini games. Grand Theft Slots was born!

Grand Theft Mega Slots is a casino slot game themed around the greatest robberies and criminals of all time, from the Casino job to the Financial Crisis. It has all the great features of a modern slot game including multiline combos, auto spin, mini games and daily bonuses. Featuring Game Center leaderboards players have a great incentive to play to reach grand master thief.

Grand Theft Mega Slots

In Grand Theft Mega Slots, players can progress through 12 great slot games with these unique themes:
- Casino Heist
- De-armoured
- Canvas of Crime
- Break the Bank
- Reel Gangsters
- Mob Money
- Tougher Than Fort Knox
- Federal Reserve
- The Financial Crisis

Grand Theft Mega Slots

Starting with Casino Heist, players can enjoy 5 game wheels and up to 30 multiline matches. This means more chances to win over a conventional 3 slot 777 machine and ultimately more fun. The bet size and number of lines is changeable at a touch providing close control of the stakes for each spin. An auto spin feature is also available avoiding the need for the player to repeatedly tap spin. Each of the game themes are unlocked as the player wins credit until finally they reach the Financial Crisis, the greatest public robbery of all time.

Grand Theft Mega Slots

Players have a number of ways to collect game credit other than winning. Firstly, mini games occur during game player where credit can be won. Secondly, daily bonuses are available. Large credit packs can be bought with in app payment. Regular players are rewarded with a Game Center Leaderboard displaying their high score against other players world wide.

Grand Theft Mega Slots is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Play multiline slots like never before with unique themes, items and a fantastic set of features.

Feature Summary:
- 20 and 30 Win Lines, total 12 games
- Auto spin play
- Exciting bonus games and spins
- Daily big bonus wins!
- Game Center High Scores

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