Life and Death In The App Store |

Life and Death In The App Store


The first quarter of 2014 has been all about Flappy Bird so we decided to join the reskin/theme/clone party. Whatever the dirty word you want to use…

Anyway I seen it as a opportunity to have some fun and to test out some marketing tactics for what is a C Grade game for us (low time, effort, budget and depth…). Of the three Flappy games we currently have published I decided to do no marketing what so ever! The value for us was in what would happen next.

Generally we try to publish on a wed or thursday. All data is via AppAnnie.


Flappy Swine Flu was published Wed March 19th, a late entry to the party. The game pulled 198 downloads in first fortnight before quickly tailing off. No doubt it will disappear into the app store dust.


Annoying Flappy Fly was published Mon Feb 24th. This was our first reskin and we did a little marketing for this on social media but didn’t go as far as publishing a press releases or even posting it on the site. The game pulled 1,673 downloads in the first fortnight.


Flappy Easter Bird was published Wed March 12th, slightly late to the Flappy party but we couldn’t resist capitalising on the seasonal name. Again, no marketing beyond social was done. The game pulled 1,933 downloads in the first fortnight.

So with very little data correlation and control over this comparison we at least know never to ignore marketing again! In the next few months we’ll try and continue the feedback on our success and failures.

The data also shows the Thursday kick as the games were moved in and out of the ‘whats new’ list on iTunes. It remains to be seen if there’s any merit in publishing earlier to grab some downloads and reviews before Thursdays.

Anyway, this brings up other topics – Google Play and resurrection!

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