Pro Surfing World Tour – Big Wave Tsunami Stunt Riders |

Pro Surfing World Tour – Big Wave Tsunami Stunt Riders

Pro Surf

In Pro Surfing World Tour have you got what it takes to ride the worlds toughest waves and become champion. Compete against friends and players from around the world in tournaments spanning six continents.

Compete in 80 levels across Australia, North America, Europe, Hawaii, South America and Japan. Play as one of five characters.Time the biggest waves to take to the air and perform unique tricks to gain even more points.

Pro Surf

Gameplay involves timing riding down a wave and landing on the next perfectly to gain speed. The faster the player goes, the higher and longer they can jump. While airborne players can perform tricks to collect more points such as flips, grabs and inversions. Wave size and frequency change during gameplay from large Bombora waves to unpredictable technical Gnarl. Levels progressively increase in difficulty requiring player skill as well as some luck. Collectables can also be picked up during play such as coins, boosts and time bounces. The in game coin currency can then be used to unlock characters, power boosts and stage skips.

Pro Surf

Players must master the waves working through a total of 80 unique levels spread over the surfing hot spots of Australia, North America, Europe, Hawaii and Japan. Two tournaments stages are also included. Players can play as one of 5 cool Chibi style characters, male, female and one special character.

Pro Surf

Players can compete individually or in a multiplayer tournament. Individually players can compete to improve their high score on the Game Center leaderboard. Alternatively, players can compete in tournaments with friends and other players world wide with Next Peer tournaments.

• 80 levels over six continents of varying difficulty
• Fast paced gameplay, perform stunts for more points
• Nextpeer multiplayer competitions and leaderboard
• Collect coins and unlock more features
• Play as one of five characters

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