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Purgatory Mountain – A Special Kinda Hell

Purgatory Mountain

We’re please to announce Purgatory Mountain is now live in the App Store. This is one of our A+ games thats been 4 months in the making. The art team did a great job on this one! At first it seemed hard finding a theme that could fit the game mechanics we had. In the end it turned out a great idea found us and Purgatory Mountain was born.

Purgatory Mountain is a fast paced action arcade game where players must help the Hells Angels collect up the souls of the dead. Demons of different sizes complicate matters by attacking the Angels attempting to drag them to Hell. Players can highlight their skill through Facebook integration and game leaderboards.

In Purgatory Mountain players control one of five Hells Angels. Their mission is to save the souls of the dead from falling to Hell. However, their work is hindered by numerous mischievous Demons of all shapes and sizes intent on dragging them to Hell. Souls present themselves as small orbs with wings fashioned on different professionals such as lawyers, doctors and construction workers all deserved of a place in Heaven. The player must collect these as quickly as possible.

Other challenges must also be faced in the form of firestorms, earthquakes and increasingly hostile demon attack formations. Special spells are available to the player to help in these situations. As the player collects wings these act as in game currency to purchase:

  • Stop Firestorms – Stop Firestorm thats underway
  • Stop Earthquakes – Stop Earthquake thats underway
  • Thunder – Blast Demons with lightning
  • Slow Motion – Slow Demons to escape
  • Stone – Block the Demons path
  • Lava – Wash away tough Demons
  • Ghost – Demons can’t see you

Purgatory Mountain has three levels of difficulty and has an unlockable Kids Mode and No Ads option. The game provides three control configurations. Players can control the characters using touch, tilt or joystick controls.

Players scores are posted to game center after each game allowing competition worldwide.

Purgatory Mountain is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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