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Grumpy Cat

Yes some weeks can be worse than others! Ask Grumpy Cat above. There doesn’t seem to have been much traction on new games this week. Earlier in the week we had a game rejected from the app store for poor graphics so we have some amendments to do. Thursday ended up being frantic when we realised our release build of Fairy Pirate Princess had minor bug. Enough to make us look stupid but the game is still playable. The development code we were running on our iPhones and iPads didn’t show the error. Only the final production build from Apple. We managed to fix it late Thursday without being entirely sure what the cause was. Bugs like this can be annoying. The nature of the App Store vs Google Play is that we have to wait at least a couple of weeks for the fix to be issued. Lesson learned to beef up our production testing before shipment. As we build up our marketing power more and more is at risk and mistakes like this look amateurish!

The week ended on a positive note with our next project with Miracle Studios reaching preview stages (see below). This one should be ready for early May.

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